The National Association of Campus Safety Administrators

Bennefits of Membership


NACSA officers one of the most affordable accreditation programs in the country. Our process is designed with the Campus Safety Professional in mind.


NACSA has an extensive and up to date list of job postings. Additionally we conduct job searches for member institutions.


NACSA can participate in all NACSA webinars for free. Additionally, they may enroll in the NACSA Command College, Tactical Communications Instructor or S.A.F.E. certification.

Life Insurance

All members can sign up for $10,000 of life insurance through NACSA, free of charge!


Members are able to send questions to individuals or the entire group. Allowing members to identify best practices.


NACSA members can apply for national awards such as the Director of the Year or Supervisor of the Year award.


NACSA Services

The National Association of Campus Safety Administrators will send a team of assessors to your campus to assess your campus safety operations. Assessors will review:

  • Agency Authority
  • External Relationships (using numerous campus interviews)
  • Staffing Levels and Organizational Structure
  • Operations
  • Recruitment and Performance Reviews
  • Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines
  • Training
  • Equipment and Space
  • Records Management and Retention
  • Department Budget
  • Residence Hall Security
  • Camera Systems, Security Alarms and Emergency Telephones and Access Control
  • Parking and Traffic Services
  • Emergency Planning and Special Event process review

A full report with a three member team will cost $8,000. This covers travel to the intuition by the team members.

On a budget? NACSA can provide a one-person assessment with a condensed report for $1,800.

To request information about an agency assessment, please contact Victor Morrow at

Become certified in the "CLERY GOLD STANDARD" by allowing NACSA to perform an assessment of your ASR. You will be provided with an electronic file containing policy proofs for each DOE standard outlined in the CLERY handbook. This is an excellent way to put a second set of eyes on your ASR to ensure you aren't missing anything. 

ASR Review cost: $1,500 

To learn more, visit: 

Allow the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators to facilitate your tabletop exercise. We will provide a professional executive to coordinate with your team, run your tabletop and prepare an after-action report. Don’t worry about putting together exercise packets, forming a scenario or running the meeting. NACSA will serve as your resident expert and will assist you through the entire process, bringing all the items you need and providing valuable advice.

Cost: $1,500 (This covers the entire exercise including: Pre-exercise planning meeting, participant workbooks, 1 full scenario (normally 4-6 hours, however, the facilitator will be on site for 8) an after-action report.

For additional information about the NACSA Tabletop Exercise, please contact Victor Morrow at

NACSA Provides two courses. Both can be taught as a basic course or as an instructor level course: 

Tactical Communications for the Campus Safety Professional is a verbal de-escalation course designed specifically for the campus police or security officer. The course is 8 hours and consist of scenario-based training, not only providing the employee with the chance to learn a strategic technique in verbal de-escalation, but also giving the employee the chance to practice the technique before using it in “real life”.  

The S.A.F.E. response to an active shooter course was developed using national best practices and designed to be taught by a campus safety professional to campus community members. The course is uniquely designed to be taught in a 60-minute block and provides both instructional training and scenario based learning. S.A.F.E. is unique because it is designed specifically for the higher education environment with the understanding that it will be taught to faculty and staff members. 


Agencies that host this course will receive 4 free seats in the course. 

To discuss hosting a training course, please contact Victor Morrow at

Stop buying into the style of profit generated accreditation commissions designed for municipal policing with a "campus" twist. NACSA accreditation is affordable and designed specifically for the campus law enforcement agency. 


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