Interested in becoming a sponsor?

NACSA has quickly grown to the LARGEST association of campus safety professionals. NACSA has over 5,000 CAMPUS SAFETY EMPLOYEES as members of the association and we are growing fast!

We offer several forms of sponsorship for your company. We want to provide you with a way to get onto our sponsor directly even if you are on a budget. We also provide you an opportunity to take your sponsorship to the NEXT LEVEL by having your company highlighted in various ways.


This level of sponsorship will give you access to the NACSA weekly news alerts along with an NACSA email subscription. This will keep you up to date with what is happening in the association. Additionally, you will be enrolled in the “receive only” membership of members questions. This emails you will be notified of when a member asks the group a question, but you will the be able to respond on the membership board (this is done to prevent one sponsor from overwhelming a discussion, you are welcome to respond to the member directly). You will also have your company logo, a narrative about your company and your contact information posted on the “sponsor” web page for members to access.