Membership Cost: $75 for the entire agency (each member of your agency can have their own login and will receive FULL membership benefits for the annual agency fee of $75)



NACSA officers one of the most affordable accreditation programs in the country. Our process is designed with the Campus Safety Professional in mind.


NACSA has an extensive and up to date list of job postings. Additionally we conduct job searches for member institutions.


NACSA can participate in all NACSA webinars for free. Additionally, they may enroll in the NACSA Command College, Tactical Communications Instructor or S.A.F.E. certification.

Life Insurance

All members can sign up for $10,000 of life insurance through NACSA, free of charge!


Members are able to send questions to individuals or the entire group. Allowing members to identify best practices.


NACSA members can apply for national awards such as the Director of the Year or Supervisor of the Year award.

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