The NACSA Medal of Excellence is one of the most sought after awards in the campus safety industry.  Below are the requirements that must be met to obtain the medal of excellence. Recipients receive the Medal of Excellence, a plaque, and award certificate.

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We are honored that you have chosen to be a member of our association and even more honored that you are considering applying for the NACSA Medal of Excellence. Your application will be reviewed by the Executive Director of the NACSA. MOE applicants are evaluated in three primary areas.


  • Experience
  • Education
  •  Professional Development


In each area, you will be given points. Your points must equal the total points needed in each section to be awarded the medal of excellence. For example, if you have 50 educational points but 500 professional development points, you cannot combine these points to meet the minimum point requirement in each section. Each section is independent of the others and you must meet the minimum number of points in each section to be awarded the Medal of Excellence.


Experience – Must obtain 100 Points to complete Experience Section


  • Years in law enforcement position. 1 point per year. Max 25 points.
  • Years at current institution. 5 points per year. Max 50 points.
  • Years in supervisory position. 5 points per year. Max 75 points.
  • Years in policy making decision role. 5 points per year. Max 100 Points.


Education – Must obtain 75 Points to complete Education Section


  • Associate’s Degree – 25 points per degree – Max 50 points.
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 50 points per degree – Max 100 points.
  • Master’s Degree – 75 points per degree – Max 150 points.
  • Command College – 75 Points.
  • NACSA online course – 10 points per course.
  • NACSA Command College – 100 points.


Professional Development – Must obtain 100 points


Attendance at:

  • State Law Enforcement Conference: 20 Points per conference, max 60 points.
  • Campus Safety Webinar: 15 points per webinar, max 100 points.
  • Campus Safety Regional Conference: 25 points per conference, Max 150 points.
  • Campus Safety National Conference: 50 points per conference, Max 150 points.