Campus Safety Officer

William Jessup University


EducationHigh School Diploma or GED
SkillsAED Certification

Under the directives of the Campus Safety Department, provides for the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff and property through conspicuous observation and patrol, responds to calls for routine assistance as well as emergency and crisis situations, and provides other safety-related services such as event security and parking enforcement.


Campus Security

Patrols campus to prevent emergencies, criminal activity, and violations of university policies.
Reports any security issues or hazardous conditions on campus.
Secures campus by locking facilities and maintaining a presence after normal business hours.
Investigates unknown or suspicious persons on campus.
Detains any individual(s) committing an offense against the University or University property, students and employees.
Provides event security, traffic direction, and crowd control.
Provides escorts to students, staff, and faculty.
Provides parking enforcement.
Investigates and submits reports concerning criminal offenses committed against William Jessup University students, visitors, and employees.
Responds to service requests and assist the community as needed.
Emergency Response

Responds to emergency calls for assistance including medical matters, fire alarms and other alarms such including those relating to physical plant.
Provides initial first-aid emergency medical care until appropriate medical care arrives
Exercises supervisory authority at the scene of emergency situations until the arrival of supervisory personnel.
Assists local emergency responders during crisis situations

Completes any and all duties assigned by direct supervisor.



BSIS Proprietary Private Security Guard Qualified w/card (within 2 months of hire)
High School Diploma
CPR/AED Certified (within 2 months of hire)

Strong Christian Faith
Good people skills and ability to relate well to the diverse populations of the University
Sound judgement and ability to maintain confidentiality
Able to remain calm under periods of intense stress.
Excellent reading comprehension and writing skills
Able to learn department computer programs.
Able to act and work independently of direct supervision.
Able to respond to any emergency call-in situations
Able to work any of four permanent shifts, or for a specific period of time, to meet University and/or department needs
Able to satisfactorily complete a field training program (FTP) prescribed by the department within a six-month period
Able to attend pepper spray exposure training and perform skills in handcuff and pepper spray deployment while on the job.
Position requires the ability to work at night, during weekends, holidays, and special events.

The employee agrees to promote the values and mission of WJU as a private Christ-centered University and live a life consistent with biblical principles. The employee shall conduct himself/herself in a manner consistent with the Community Covenant and Statement of Faith. Additionally, the employee may play a formative role in the spiritual lives of students in a manner consistent with the Community Covenant and Statement of Faith. This may include leading devotions and/or spiritual formation groups and seeking other opportunities consistent with a biblical spiritual formation role.

Job Type: Full-time
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