Patrol Officer I


Western New Mexico University -


Under supervision from the Director of Campus Police and assigned to the Field Services Division, patrols campus and surrounding areas to enforce the University’s state and local ordinances, policies, statutes, and laws for the protection of lives and property.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:
Patrols campus areas and surrounding community in radio equipped vehicles, on foot, and/or on bicycle to prevent and/or uncover unlawful actions; responds to calls for assistance including automobile accidents, robberies, break-ins, burglaries, vandalism, assaults, domestic disturbances, and other criminal and/or civil complaints to secure the crime scene, re-establish order, and conduct preliminary investigations; maintains close contact with community.Prepares reports of incidents to include all information to document and facilitate preparation of cases and provide a record of activity for the University’s records; issues summons and subpoenas; performs crowd and traffic control activities during a variety of campus wide events including commencements, athletic meets, alumni gatherings, and concerts; patrols all residences to ensure student compliance with established curfew and noise ordinances.Provides assistance and support to Silver City and State of New Mexico law enforcement agencies during routine road stops, DUI stops, and emergency situations; appears and testifies during court proceedings to describe, present evidence, and answer questions; issues warnings and citations for traffic and parking violations; able to work shift varied schedules; participates in regular pre-shift briefing meetings to ensure thorough discussion and review of shift activities.Performs routine inspection of campus police vehicle for proper equipment operation, inventory of supplies, and all fluid levels; checks personal equipment and weapons for proper operation and functionality; locks and unlocks all campus buildings; checks and sets all fire and burglar alarms; participates in regular training programs in police methods and procedures to maintain state certification; and provides building security, including locking and unlocking doors.Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
Knowledge of the principals, practices, methods, and techniques of law enforcement;knowledge of applicable civil and criminal laws, regulations, ordinances, and statutes governing the University, State of New Mexico, and United States;knowledge of rules of evidence, search and seizure, arrest, and detention;knowledge of the proper use of firearms and applicable safety regulations;knowledge of first aid and CPR;knowledge of the equipment used in law enforcement, including vehicle equipment, communication, and weapons;knowledge of principles, practices, and methods of community policing;knowledge of privacy laws;ability to comprehend, understand, and adhere to, at all times, the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics;skill in comprehension, retentions and recollection of factual information pertaining to laws, statutes, and codes;ability to coexist and work cooperatively with others;skill in the use of firearms and the application of first aid;skill in establishing and maintaining effective collaborative working relationships;skill in recognizing and responding appropriately to a variety of potentially volatile and dangerous situations;skill in recognizing the behavioral actions and physical manifestations of abuse, gang influence, drug and/or alcohol addiction;skill in the application of appropriate intervention methods and practices for maintenance of security and safety of individuals and/or property;skill in working independently requiring application of judgment in responding to potential combative and confrontational situations involving personal harm to self and others requiring the exercise and application of authority and/or force;skill in the proper and safe operation of a motor vehicle and/or bicycle.

Certifications/Licenses & Minimum Requirements:
Must be over 18 years of age and a U.S. Citizen with a High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Must be certifiable or certified by a New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy within one (1) year of hire date and able to pass all yearly mandated DPS training. Able to pass an extensive Law Enforcement background investigation, including previous employment, previous work performance, driving and criminal record.

Required Documents:
Cover Letter, Reference Names & Contact Info, Resume/Curriculum Vitae

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