Police Officer

University of Utah -

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This part time position is for traffic control at special events only, e.g. Football, Basketball, Concerts, etc.

Seasonal/Ongoing Hiring

1. Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls, i.e., thefts, accidents, assaults. Gives assistance, assesses, and remedies the situation as appropriate; files a written report.
2. Conducts or assists in criminal, narcotics, traffic, and gang related investigations by applying specialized skills, gathering evidence, and protecting the crime scene.
3. Assists the criminal intelligence operation by gathering information from other law enforcement agencies, confidential informants, or the general public to provide substantiated facts.
4. Takes initial reports/complaints, prepares written reports, and maintains detailed and accurate records for files, follow-up investigations, and court purposes.
5. Performs surveillance in high risk or known crime areas in order to apprehend suspects involved in criminal activity.
6. Obtains and serves search/arrest warrants as well as apprehends suspects; performs warrantless searches and seizures as necessary.
7. Interviews and interrogates witnesses/suspects to acquire relevant information.
8. Prepares cases for the Office of the Attorney General; testifies and gives evidence in court.
9. Participates in the motorist assist program to promote a positive public image, i.e., helping people who are locked out of their cars, have dead car batteries, flat tires, etc.
10. Maintains issued equipment and supplies.
11. Assists in the classroom and field training of new officers; instructs classes; gives presentations to various public groups.
12. Uses logic and reasoning to independently make critical decisions, and uses initiative and common sense in a variety of police functions.
13. Officers must safely effect forcible arrest(s), pursue suspects on foot, safely control combatant(s), respond to emergencies, accept rotating shift and 24 hour on-call shifts, protecting and ensuring the safety of University students, staff, faculty and visitors while working extended hours in demanding and stressful environments. Therefore, Officers must annually pass a physical fitness assessment as a condition of employment.

Minimum Qualifications
Certification as a Utah Category 1 Peace Officer or willing to attend the Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Course (POST)
United States citizen on the date of appointment
Valid Utah Driver’s license prior to beginning the application process
Considerable human relation and communication skills
Qualified applicants must successfully complete the department approved physical fitness test, a thorough background investigation, and must be willing to submit to a drug screening test
Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Police Science, or a related area is preferred

FELONY CONVICTION – Applicants may not have been convicted of a crime which could have been punished by imprisonment in a federal penitentiary or by imprisonment in the penitentiary of this or another state. Felony convictions as a minor (under 18 years of age) may not automatically disqualify an individual, and will be individually reviewed.

MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION – Misdemeanor crimes involving violence, sexual conduct, or dishonesty require a minimum two year waiting period from date of conviction or involvement. Conviction of misdemeanor crimes not listed above may require a one (1) year wait depending upon the crime and severity.

MORAL CHARACTER ? Applicants shall demonstrate good moral character, as determined by a department conducted background investigation including criminal history records as well as expunged records. Conviction of any criminal offense is an indication that the applicant may not be of good moral character and may be grounds for disqualification. Applicants may be required to take a truth verification examination which will be used as part of the background investigation.

MILITARY SERVICE – Applicants will be disqualified for any discharge less than honorable.

PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL CONDITION – Applicants must pass a psychological evaluation with a passing suitability rating. Specific questions as to the suitability of a candidate’s physical and mental condition will be determined during this examination.

TATTOOS ? Tattoos, brands, and decals cannot be obscene, offensive, distract from professional appearance, or interfere with on-duty actions and responsibilities.

ILLEGAL DRUGS – Applicants may not have used any illegal drug while employed in any law enforcement or prosecutorial position, or while employed in a position which carries a high level of public trust. Applicants may not have sold, manufactured, cultivated, or distributed any illegal drug. Any use of LSD or PCP will automatically exclude the applicant from the process. Applicants may not have used hard drugs or their derivatives and synthetic equivalents within five (5) years prior to the application closing date.

Preferences Special Instructions Summary
This part time position is for traffic control at special events only, e.g. Football, Basketball, Concerts, etc.


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