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University of Texas at Dallas

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EducationHigh School Diploma or GED
SkillsHeavy Lifting
Peace Officer Certification
To enforce the law, provide service, information and aid to all citizens as circumstances require, prevent crime, suppress disturbances, investigate criminal offenses, and arrest offenders.
Responsible for enforcement duties for the protection, safety and welfare of students, employees, visitors, and all property within the area under the control and jurisdiction of The University of Texas System, including primary jurisdiction in all counties where the UT System has a real property interest and secondary jurisdiction in all other Texas counties. Exercises independent judgment within the limits prescribed by law, Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, institutional rules and regulations and Director of Police departmental policies and procedures. Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education and Experience
High school diploma or GED, successful completion of a TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement ) approved Basic Peace Officer Course, and has passed the TCOLE exam. Proficient with all equipment utilized in the performance of assigned duties, to include but not limited to firearms, restraints, less lethal force weapons and techniques, automobiles, communications equipment, personal computers, investigative and surveillance equipment. Requires good physical condition and vision, the ability to hear and speak. Must be able to operate computer keyboard frequently; drive, walk, run, stoop, climb, crouch, push, jump-over, pull, carry, reach above head, hand-wrist and elbow motion, grasp and hold. Ability to lift/carry/lower, push and pull frequently 10-50 lbs and occasionally more than 50 lbs. May be exposed to outside weather conditions. May be required to work either day or night on any; one of multiple shifts with varying days off and on holidays. Work involves a degree of hazard.

Preferred Education and Experience
Possess Basic Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). Successful completion of the prescribed Field Training Program.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
To perform law enforcement duties on the property under the control and jurisdiction of the University of Texas System. Preserve the peace by the use of all lawful means, interceding when authorized by law, to prevent or suppress crime. Execute all lawful process. Arrest offenders with and without warrant when authorized by law. Investigate criminal offenses to detect and arrest criminals, and recover stolen or lost property. Attempt to locate missing persons. Enforce traffic law by detecting violations, making violator contacts, placing violators in custody or issuing citations or warnings. Investigate motor vehicle collisions. Prepare various written reports narrating law enforcement and police activities. Give testimony in the criminal courts of this state and the United States. Confers with prosecuting attorneys, preserves, evidence and maintains confidential information. Confers with local law enforcement, criminal justice and emergency response agencies on matters of mutual interest.

Physical Activities Medium, Walking, Lifting, Carrying, Pushing, Pulling, Climbing, Stooping, Kneeling, Grasping, Talking, Hearing, Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination Working Conditions Exposure to Weather Additional Information
Qualified applicants will need to complete a physical agility course.

On the test day, applicants will need to bring identification and work-out clothes. Applicants will receive test location information by e-mail.

Weight Lift: This event is designed to duplicate a variety of obstacles that may be encountered that would require lifting and carrying objects. The applicant, wearing a Sam Browne, holster, and inert pistol must lift a full size spare tire from the trunk of a police car, carry the spare around the car and place it back in the trunk of the car (tire cannot be rolled or rested on the ground). Untimed Event.

Stair Climb: This event is designed to simulate pursuit or running up and down stairs, such as in a building or stadium. The applicant will run up and down two conventional flights of stairs one time, or run up and down 40 stadium steps one time. Timed event: 39 seconds maximum.

Obstacle Course/Street Chase and Body Drag: This event is designed to duplicate a variety of obstacles that may be encountered during a pursuit or when reaching a person in danger. It is coupled with an event simulating a foot pursuit or distance running and removing an unconscious person from a place of danger or an uncooperative prisoner to a desired location. Timed event: 60 seconds total.
Obstacle Course
Low hurdle: 2 foot wall
Solid Wall: 4 foot simulating a small fence or loading dock
Serpentine: simulating running through a crowd, around fixed objects, etc.
Broad Jump: 5 foot, simulating jumping across a ditch, etc.
Street chase and body drag
Foot chase: run 75 yards on a designated path
Body drag: drag 168 pound dummy 10 yards

The Physical Agility Assumption of Risk Waiver MUST be submitted at the time of testing or the applicant will be disqualified. This form will be e-mailed to the applicant upon receipt of your application. This position also requires an extensive criminal background check that can take several weeks to complete. Additional information regarding the University of Texas at Dallas Police Department can be viewed at www.utdallas.edu/police.


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