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ob Description
Patrol assigned area by motor vehicle, bicycle or on foot to prevent, discover, and deter the commission of crime, enforce university rules and regulations, provide personal and property security and traffic law enforcement.

Observe and make note of suspicious persons, possible violators, hazardous conditions or unusual situations.

Check buildings and property following security procedures; lock entry-ways and points of access as scheduled, take note and report evidence of damage and possible break-ins.

Observe public or student gatherings and analyze developments to determine need for action.

Respond to emergency alarms and dispatched calls regarding a variety of services including: illness, accidents, disturbances, crime and other acts against persons or property, animal control, and motorist assistance.

Provide necessary assistance and take appropriate action based on analysis of situation and facts.

Assist in parking patrol activities including issuing citations and ordering vehicle removals.
Perform traffic control duties, directing automobile and pedestrian traffic to maintain safe and efficient flow.

Issue warnings or citations to drivers when violations of motor vehicle laws are observed.

May administer field sobriety tests.

Conduct preliminary investigations of incidents as necessary; collect and preserve physical evidence, protect crime scene, interview suspects and witnesses, and files appropriate reports as directed by federal, state or local legal requirements.

Prepare court cases and provide legal testimony in response to subpoena as witness and/or reporting officer to crime.

May arrest individuals and take into custody.

Process arrested individuals by taking photographs, obtaining fingerprints, and writing arrest reports; transports violators to jail.

Provide escort service for designated individuals and money messengers, and assist with special events on campus.

Renders first aid as needed, following prescribed procedures and victim / personal safety precautions.

Takes and writes incident / accident reports, including those of missing/stolen property and criminal activity.

Provide general assistance and information to students, staff and the public.

Assist federal, state, county and city law enforcement authorities as requested or dispatched by central office.

Prepare and file daily activity reports of disturbances, accidents, crimes and tickets issued in prescribed format.

May prepare and process documents such as citations, complaints, affidavits, and warrants.

Work special events and other overtime assignments.

May serve in role of Firearms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Field Training Officer, Officer in Charge, and other Specialized Positions

Perform related duties as assigned.


Shift Work – Will work 1 of three shifts including weekends. Overtime is expected for Special Events and Functions

Minimum Qualifications
Citizen of the United States,
Resident of the State of Missouri by date of appointment,
Twenty-one years of age by date of appointment,
High school diploma or equivalent,
30 college credit hours from accredited college or university OR 2 years federal active duty military service with an honorable discharge OR 2 years’ experience as full-time POST certified peace officer
A valid Missouri operator’s license,
Missouri POST certification may be required prior to employment, but it is required once job is started,
Not have been convicted of a Felony or Class A Misdemeanor,
Has not consumed any alcoholic beverages within the past six months because of an addiction to alcohol,
Has not within two years of appointment used, manufactured, sold, or cultivated any controlled substance (as defined by Missouri State Statues) with the exception of the use of marijuana as described in the following, nor is addicted to any controlled substance.
Has not used, within two years prior to appointment, marijuana, nor has manufactured or sold marijuana ever. Marijuana cases may be judged on a case by case basis with experimental use and recreational use in legalized cities.
Has no criminal history as outlined in Section 590.080.1 and Section 590.100.1, RSMo.
Prior to beginning job duties all officers must graduate a Basic Law Enforcement Training Center, pass the Missouri Peace Officer License Exam, and be certified as a police officer within the state of Missouri.

Preferred Qualifications
Certified as a police officer in the state of Missouri, Bachelor’s Degree, and be able to type.

Application Deadline
February 2, 2018

Other Information

Expected Duration of the Selection Process:
The department hopes to fill these positions by the end of April 2018. An update will be sent to all applicants after applications are reviewed updating them of their status in the process.

Agencies Policy on Reapplication:
The Police Department allows applicants not selected to reapply. This includes all applicants who successfully completed the selection process but were not offered employment. All applicants must reapply to be considered in future positions.

Applicants who fail portions of the selection process will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The applicant will be notified in writing of their elimination/non-selection in the process and a determination on reapplication and/or testing.

All Elements of the Selection Process:
Phase I, Pre-Conditional
University of Missouri Human Resource application accepted
Oral Review Board
Background Investigation to include at a minimum: verification of qualifying credentials, a review of any criminal record, and verification of at least three personal references.
Voice Stress Analysis and/or Polygraph Examination
Oral Interview – Chief of Police

Phase II, Conditional Offer of Employment
Psychological Examination and Interview
Medical Examination

Application Notice:
All applicants will be screened by Campus Human Resources. If you are currently in a POST approved Law Enforcement Academy note it on your application. You can contact Sergeant Armentrout at (573) 882-5804 for more information on the selection process.

It is critical that you check the e-mail you listed with this application as most correspondences will be handled through e-mail in addition to phone and mail.
Other Information
Five positions available.

Benefit Eligibility
This position is eligible for University benefits. The University offers a comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental and vision plans, retirement, paid time off, and educational fee discounts. For additional information on University benefits, please visit the Faculty & Staff Benefits website at http://www.umsystem.edu/totalrewards/benefits

Diversity Commitment

The University of Missouri is fully committed to achieving the goal of a diverse and inclusive academic community of faculty, staff and students. We seek individuals who are committed to this goal and our core campus values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence.