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University Police Officers enforce all New York State and local laws and the Student Code of Conduct on the grounds of the State University of New York. University Police Officers are charged with full police officer powers under Criminal Procedure Law, Section 1.20(34)(s) and are responsible for the performance of the full range of professional police duties. University Police Officers assist other Local, State and Federal police officers with investigations and may collect evidence, question witnesses or testify in court in connection with alleged criminal actions.

University Police Officers are actively involved in campus communities and activities including educating community members on such topics as personal safety, risk awareness, crime prevention, alcohol awareness, sexual assault prevention and other community safety issues.

Patrols an assigned area on foot, on a bicycle or motor scooter, in a car or by other means to deter criminal activity by means of presence and witness and to detect fires and other dangerous situations.

Responds to calls for assistance from fellow officers or from any member of the campus community to insure that persons and property are adequately protected; and may respond to situations involving but not restricted to burglaries, robberies, thefts, criminal trespass, assaults, criminal mischief, medical emergencies, accidents, vehicle and traffic violations, fires and unusual situations.
Reports to the scene of the crime, accident or other disturbance in order to halt crimes in progress, arrest violators, maintain order and arrange for the appropriate care of injured persons.
May apply resuscitators, administer first aid and summon ambulances.
Conducts initial investigations of incidents in order to preserve and gather evidence; interviews witnesses, complainants and suspects and confers with fellow officers to ascertain nature and severity of situation; reports results of investigations to supervisor as directed and may testify in court.
Regulates pedestrian and vehicular traffic. May enforce vehicle and traffic laws in order to prevent dangerous situations from arising.
Directs traffic at intersections, crosswalks and other critical points during peak traffic periods; stops persons violating the vehicle and traffic law; issues warnings, tickets and summonses; patrols parking lots and campus roadways; tickets cars parked in violation of campus rules.
Controls the movement and activity of crowds at concerts, sports events and other gatherings; staffs entrance ways to prevent gate crashing and over-crowding of facilities; breaks up fights and other altercations, operates screening devices such as a magnetometer or x-ray machine to inspect individuals and carry in items for prohibited items.
On assignment as Desk Officer.
Receives and interprets incoming communications, including, but not limited to radio and telephone calls, and e-mail messages from officers and other members of the campus community.
Dispatches officers to the scenes of incidents and irregularities.
Issues parking permits and collects fees and fines.
Utilizes electronic devices such as a personal computer, video recorder or camera to record and view information.
Prepares a variety of shift summary reports, logs and records covering activities of a criminal or unusual nature and other security related activities.

May deliver a variety of in-service training and/or community educational programs.
Obtain proper certification and maintain re-certification in a variety of training areas, such as defensive tactics, use of force and firearms instruction.
Serve as a Field Training Officer or as an instructor at a Basic Police School, Police Academy or other location as directed.
Provide training and education to University Police personnel, other law enforcement officers, government personnel and the public, and engage in crime prevention activities such as, but not limited to Crime Prevention Surveys or Operation ID.
Required Qualifications
Must be reachable on the New York State Civil Service University Police Officer 1 list or be eligible for lateral transfer.

Candidates must meet established physical and medical requirements for appointment to the position, must possess and maintain a valid unrestricted New York State motor vehicle operators license, must be legally eligible to carry a firearm, and complete all requirements for certification as a police officer in New York State.

Preferred Qualifications

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