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EducationBachelor’s Degree
Associate’s Degree
SkillsAnalysis Skills
Tri-County Technical College is seeking a dynamic leader to be our Chief of Police. The Chief will establish and enforce protocols and procedures for hiring, training, equipping, and managing law enforcement officers and security personnel. In addition to the skills and experience needed to perform a traditional law enforcement leadership role, the College is looking for a person with demonstrated ability to implement strategic change and develop or enhance standard operating procedures and increase emergency preparedness, readiness, and processes.

This position reports directly to the Vice President for Business Affairs who will rely on the Chief of Campus Police to provide timely, accurate, and relevant decision support to help the institution create a safe environment, achieve strategic objectives, and continuously improve our services. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to create cross-functional relationships both internally and in the communities we serve.

The candidate’s professional experience will include Class 1 Law Enforcement Certification through SLED/SCCJA. The ideal candidate will be an excellent communicator, both oral and written and have a track record of working across organizational boundaries to solve difficult problems, possess outstanding analytical skills, and be process oriented. The Chief’s role requires a strategic and creative thinker who can view the institution holistically. Above all, the Chief must act with the highest degree of integrity.

The Campus Police Department’s main responsibility is to provide for the safety and protection of our students, staff and visitors. We are the primary law enforcement agency on campus and our officers have full police officer powers of arrest while on duty. We participate in the SC Police Officers Retirement System.

Job Duties:
Establishes and enforces protocols and procedures for hiring, properly training, and equipping Campus Law Enforcement Officers. Determines standard operating procedures needed to manage a Campus Police Department that is armed with weapons up to and including firearms. Ensures officers operate in a professional manner under appropriate use of force guidelines so as to preserve the safety, health and well being of the campus community. Works to achieve standards required to have the Campus Police Department meet nationally recognized accreditation standards for Campus Police forces.
Oversees the development and execution of institution-wide safety programs. Works with department heads and executive staff to design both program specific and campus wide safety protocol. Coordinates and approves additions and revisions to the campus safety manual. Ensures contents are applicable to TCTC as well as local, state and federal requirements.
Represents Campus Police on the Incident Command System (ICS) Emergency Management Team and works with the Incident Commander to develop and maintain readiness of all Campuses to respond to emergencies that threaten the life and health of students, employees and the public. Works directly with local police, fire and EMS departments on emergency preparedness. Also acts as campus liaison with other local, state and federal emergency preparedness division. Leads internal training and development of campus personnel to meet NIMS standards and to stand up a robust Incident Command System needed to effectively manage campus emergencies and mitigate damages due to storms, explosions, fire, campus violence, or a variety of threats to our campuses. Organizes and conducts evacuation and lock-down drills, inspections, and other training exercises to ensure safety and readiness is adequate and undergoes continuous improvement.
Member of the Chemical Hygiene committee. Monitors workplace safety on all campuses, in all areas, and notifies appropriate member(s) of the Chemical Hygiene committee or Executive Staff member of identified issues/concerns. Works with the Chemical Hygiene Officer on OSHA related activities as appropriate. Complies with the responsibilities of the Director of Campus Police as outlined in the College Chemical Hygiene Plan. Responsible for working with the appropriate departments (Human Resources, Student Support and Engagement and Physical Plant) to identify and minimize risk on all college campuses. Risk identification, assessments and remediation should incorporate personal, students, facilities security, and safety aspects. Risk assessment and remediation recommendations should include suggested solutions and resources required for resolution.
Acts as chief investigator for the college on all criminal activities that occur on TCTC property. Develops and coordinates crime prevention activities for the campus community.
Works with Faculty Senate and trains faculty in best practices of institutional and classroom safety. Performs other related duties as required.

A Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice or a related field and two years experience in law enforcement to include one year in a supervisory capacity; or an Associate’s Degree and four years experience in law enforcement to include one year in a supervisory capacity.

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