Public Safety Officer

St. Clair County Community College





FLSA STATUS: Salary/Exempt

HOURS: Variable Shifts and hours including nights, weekends, and on-call hours required.


APPLY ONLINE AT: Apply online through the “Apply” link listed below.

JOB SUMMARY: Provide leadership and direction to maintain the effective and efficient day to day operation of the Campus Patrol department. Promote lawful behavior to protect the welfare of students, faculty and staff as a uniformed presence on campus. Responsible for the service, safety and security of all College properties.

Manage the prevention and suppression of crime using law enforcement skills; mentor and provide training to Campus Patrol Officers to continually advance knowledge within campus patrol team.
Lead security presence on campus by monitoring communication of officers on shift, assigning tasks, reporting attendance and job performance concerns, and communicating relevant information to Campus Patrol Manager on a regular basis to maintain a high level of department quality.
Act as Campus incident commander and direct actions relating to situations involving emergency response to include police, fire, and 911.
Direct actions to mediate disputes, secure crime scenes, gather evidence, obtain witness statements, make contact with local police or emergency services when warranted.
Lead point of contact for all security services and responses relating to student housing, including hours when Campus Patrol Officers are not scheduled.
Evaluate hazardous or dangerous situations and take appropriate action to ensure campus safety.
Conduct research to ensure compliance with Clery Act and Title IX laws, remaining abreast of current and changing regulations.
Handle all sensitive reports relating to Clery Act and Title IX for initial reporting purposes. Assist with investigations and interviews as directed.
Maintain Clery Act statistics and review all reports for determination of Clery Act reportable crimes, serve as Campus Security Authority as outlined by the Clery Act.
Oversee maintenance of all fire alarm systems and panels, keeping updated records per federal and state requirements.
Oversee maintenance of security alarm systems and provide training in their use.
Coordinate and program all alarm access, authorizing access as appropriate for safety and keeping updated records.
Oversee college camera systems including maintenance needs and general operation, solely responsible for collecting, reviewing and securing video recordings related to crime or policy violations in conjunction with Campus Patrol Manager.
Build relationships and act as a liaison with local law enforcement leadership and first responders to address issues regarding student housing and campus safety.
Supervise the direction and control of traffic and parking enforcement on campus.
Conduct regular security audits and make recommendations as needed.
Develop and present information related to crime prevention, security and safety to employees and students to include annual CSA training as assigned.
Perform all duties of a Campus Patrol Officer as needed.
Display a “customer service” attitude, a positive and professional demeanor; effectively act as an ambassador for the College.
Perform other duties as assigned.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports to the Campus Patrol Manager.

EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE: Associate’s degree in a related field and 5-7 years of sworn police officer experience. Bachelor’s degree preferred.

Knowledge of relevant federal, state, and local laws.
Knowledge of security theories/practices and crime prevention measures.
Ability to mediate and effectively diffuse difficult situations.
Must possess strong organizational, planning, and computer skills.
Must possess effective interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills, using tact and diplomacy at all times.
Must possess a valid Michigan driver’s license and good driving record.
Must be physically capable to pass the following physical agility test:
Ability to walk up four floors, eight flights of stairs without stopping, once on the top floor, carry two 10 pound fire extinguishers a distance of 50 feet.
Carry or drag a 125 pound dummy up one flight of stairs, then
Carry the same 125 pound dummy down a flight of stairs without assistance or stopping.
Perform 15 push-ups minimum without resting or stopping, a short break of 2 minutes,
Perform 25 sit-ups without stopping or resting, take a short break of 2 minutes,
Run the length of the campus (North to South boundaries) without stopping.
Ability to work weekends, nights and on-call hours; reliable and dependable.
Displays good judgment and moral character

Required Skills

Required Experience
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