Chief of University Police and Campus Safety

Grambling State University


EducationBachelor’s Degree
SkillsClean Driving Record
First Aid Certification
Law Enforcement
Administrative Experience
Driver’s License
Possession of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with
major coursework in law enforcement, police science, criminology, criminal justice, public administration, or a related field. Possession of a Basic POST Certificate as described in Louisiana statues; Ability to carry a firearm. Possession of valid driver’s license with a good driving record; must maintain a good driving record throughout employment; possession of, or ability to obtain, a CPR and First Aid Certificate issued by the American Red Cross or equivalent agency. Demonstrated experience in Disaster Relief and Emergency Preparedness is preferred; Eight years of increasingly responsible law enforcement experience including four years of administrative and supervisory responsibility; prefer candidates with some experience in a higher education environment.

Job Responsibilities
The following duties include but are not limited to the following:
1. Assumes management responsibility for all services and activities of the University Police including safety, security, and public assistance;
2. Must have the ability to write grants and secure external funding.
3. Enforces and oversees enforcement of applicable laws on the University premises; identifies violators, issues warnings and citations, initiates student disciplinary proceedings and/or makes arrests as warranted; coordinates with external law enforcement agencies regarding responsibilities and responses.
4. Responds to and/or oversees response to calls for service, including crimes in progress, reports of crimes or suspicious circumstances.
5. Manages and participates in the development and implementation of goals, objectives, policies, and priorities for safety and security functions and programs; recommends appropriate service and staffing levels; recommends and administers policies and procedures.
6. Continuously monitors and evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery methods and procedures; assesses and monitors work load, administrative and support systems, and internal reporting relationships; identifies opportunities for improvement and reviews with the Vice President of Administrative Services; implements improvements.
7. Ensures compliance with the CLERY Act
8. Selects, trains, motivates, and evaluates assigned personnel; provides or coordinates staff training; works with employees to correct deficiencies; implements discipline and termination procedures.
9. Plans, directs, coordinates, and reviews the work plan for the University Police Department; meets with staff to identify and resolve problems; assigns work activities, projects and programs; monitors work flow; reviews and evaluates work products, methods and procedures; ensures daily individual and shift logs are completed.
10. Establishes “police” or just (patrol) schedules to deter potential violators and apprehend violators and protect University properties against prowlers, vandalism, fires, or other dangers which could involve loss or damage to property; establishes security checks to ensure that doors, gates, and windows are locked and that lights are on or off as required.
11. Manages and participates in the development and administration of the University Police Safety program annual budget; directs the forecast of additional funds needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; directs the monitoring of and approves expenditures; directs and implements adjustments as necessary.
12. Advises the Executive Staff on legal implications of handling crises and monitors progress of critical situations.
13. Maintains effective Public Relations between the University Police Department and the general public.
14. Serves as a liaison for the University Police Department with other College departments, divisions, and outside agencies including local police and fire departments; negotiates and resolves significant and controversial issues working collaboratively with the Vice President of Student Affairs; work closely with Student Judicial Affairs, Comprehensive Counseling Center, Foster Johnson Health Center, College departments and student groups to assure security and safety of university and public activities.
15. Participates in the development of and implementation of emergency procedures for earthquakes, fires, bomb threats, and other disasters; conducts building searches in accordance with predetermined plan during bomb threat conditions.
16. As necessary, provides back-up to officers; provides additional patrol services; prohibits the admittance to school premises of unauthorized persons and substances including alcohol and/or narcotics; deals with situations in an appropriate manner; periodically checks night meetings to ensure that facilities are being used only by authorized persons and that order is maintained.
17. Supervises and directs officers and support staff for crowd control at public events.
18. Provides responsible staff assistance to the University President; prepares and present staff reports and other necessary correspondence.
19. Conducts a variety of organizational studies, investigations, and operational studies; recommends modifications to safety programs, policies, and procedures as appropriate.
20. Provides support and assistance with the design and evaluation of the University’s emergency preparedness plans and training. Co-chairs with the Safety Director the Emergency Response Team (ERT) Committee. Participates in the Workplace Safety Committee. Ensures compliance with federal and state preparedness requirements. Responds to emergencies on University premises, providing control and assistance and coordinating emergency personnel; coordinates emergency services provided by external agencies in conformity with University policies and procedures. Responds to and resolves difficult and sensitive citizen inquires and complaints.
21. Maintains currency of University Emergency Preparedness.
22. Assist with the planning of university wide emergency safety drills on a consistent and regular basis, including with outside first responder agencies.
23. Assist with periodic scheduled fire drills.
24. Oversees the issuance of parking decals.
25. Performs other related duties and responsibilities as required.

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